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The intent of a historian is to preserve an accurate account of the events, culture, and literature of the past culture. This is a commitment that involves a conscientious and tireless effort on the part of the person responsible for such a task. That concept begins to describe the focus and vision of LightByDesign. It is a ministry that desires to share these priceless classics of Christian literature through an electronic median. The goal is to get these books into as many hands as possible, so our culture today will be impacted by these same men who preserved their works through the written page.

The President of LightByDesign is Rev. John C. Barefield of Dallas, Texas. He founded this ministry in 1993, following 35 years of pastoral ministry. He saw the need to reproduce these forgotten voices of the past, such as F.B Meyer, J. C. Ryle, William Law, John Wesley, and many others. These Christian minds impacted the thought patterns and values of their cultures. With deep conviction, Rev. Barefield began committing countless hours of hard labor scanning and editing these classics. These volumes are available to you because of his willingness to share the fruits of his labors with our world.

Rev. Michael Barefield, the President's son, joined the staff of LightByDesign in 1998. He also shares the same vision of electronically reproducing and sharing these classics. Rev. Michael Barefield has been a pastor for 20 years and resides on the Crystal Coast of North Carolina.

Please feel free to contact LightByDesign if you have any questions or inquiries. It is their aim to deepen your walk with God, and to bring glory to Christ Jesus.


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