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Title Lists

John Bunyan Collection

John Bunyan (1628-1688) was a gifted English preacher and prolific writer. Once, while imprisoned for preaching the Gospel without receiving permission from the Official Church, he penned a Christian classic entitled, !0The Pilgrim's Progress.!1 This Christian classic, plus 60 more of his books, are in this collection. Some of the other writings by John Bunyan included in this collection are: "Solomon's Temple Spiritualized", "The Doctrine of the Law and Grace Unfolded", and "The Holy War." This collection will have an impact on your Christian life!

A Few Sighs From Hell
A Holy Life The Beauty Of Christianity
Of Antichrist, And His Ruin
Seasonable Counsel: Or, Advice To Sufferers
A Book For Boys And Girls
The Barren Fig Tree
The Building Of The House Of God
Mr. Bunyan's Life Death Burial And True Character
Mr. Bunyan's Last Sermon
Come And Welcome To Jesus Christ
Christian Behavior
A Case Of Conscience Resolved
Christ A Complete Saviour
Communion And Fellowship Of Christians At The Table Of The Lord
A Caution To Stir Up To Watch Against Sin
Differences In Judgment About Water Baptism, No Bar To Communion
A Defence Of The Doctrine Of Justification
The Doctrine Of The Law And Grace Unfolded
The Desire Of The Righteous Granted
A Discourse Upon The Pharisee And The Publican
Dying Sayings
An Exhortation To Peace And Unity
The Fear Of God
Of Genesis
The Greatness Of The Soul
Grace Abounding
A Discourse Of, The House Of The Forest Of Lebanon
Instruction For The Ignorant
Israel's Hope Encouraged
The Imprisonment Of Mr. John Bunyan
The Work Of Jesus Christ As An Advocate Clearly Explained
Justification By An Imputed Righteousness
The Jerusalem Sinner Saved
The Life And Death Of Mr. Badman
Light For Them That Sit In Darkness
Memoir Of John Bunyan
One Thing Is Needful
Paul's Departure And Crown
The Pilgrim's Progress; Part I
The Pilgrim's Progress Part Ii
Peaceable Principles And Truth
Prison Meditations
Questions About The Nature And Perpetuity Of The Seventh-Day Sabbath
Reprobation Asserted
The Resurrection Of The Dead, And Eternal Judgment
Some Gospel Truths Opened, According To The Scriptures
The Saints' Knowledge Of Christ's Love
Scriptural Poems
The Saints' Privilege And Profit
Some Questions To The Quakers
The Struggler
Solomon's Temple Spiritualized
Of The Trinity And A Christian, And Of The Law And A Christian
The Acceptable Sacrifice
The Holy City
The Heavenly Footman
The Holy War
The Strait Gate
A Vindication Of Gospel Truths Opened
The Water Of Life


Beverly Carradine Collection

Beverly Carradine (1848-1931) was an incredibly gifted evangelist and prolific author of the Great Awakening. This collection includes such titles as "A Box Of Treasure", "Pen Pictures", "Beulah Land" as well as "Soul Help.!1 This collection of Beverly Carradine works is 25 volumes.

A Bundle Of Arrows
A Box Of Treasure
Beulah Land
The Bottle
Church Entertainments
Golden Sheaves
Graphic Scenes
Heart Talks
The Louisiana State Lottery Company
Pastoral Sketches
Pen Pictures
People I Have Met
Pentecostal Sanctification
Remarkable Occurrences
Revival Incidents
Revival Sermons
Secret Societies
Soul Help
The Altar Service
The Better Way
The Old Man
The Second Blessing In Symbol
The Sanctified Life
Yazoo Stories


Christian Character Collection

A wonderful collection of studies regarding Christian character, the character of Christ, and various characters of the Bible. Many of the works are written by F. B. Meyer and William M. Taylor. This collection contains 34 titles in all!

A Serious Call To A Devout And Holy Life (by William Law, A.M.)
Bible Characters (by Beverly Carradine)
Christian Behavior (by John Bunyan)
Christian Character (by J. R. Illingworth, M.A., D.D.)
Christ In Isaiah (by Rev. F. B. Meyer, B.A.)
Christian Living (by Rev. F. B. Meyer, B.A.)
Bible Characters (by Alexander Whyte, D.D.)
David King Of Israel (by Rev. William M. Taylor, D.D., LL.D)
David Shepherd, Psalmist, King (by Rev. F. B. Meyer, B.A.)
Daniel The Beloved (by Rev. William M. Taylor, D.D., LL.D)
Elijah, And The Secret Of His Power (by Rev. F. B. Meyer, B.A.)
Esther The Queen (by Rev. William M. Taylor, D.D., LL.D)
Faith And Character (by Newell Dwight Hillis)
Gideon (by Beverly Carradine)
Joseph: Beloved, Hated, Exalted (by Rev. F. B. Meyer, B.A.)
Jesus Christ And The Christian Character (by Francis Greenwood Peabody)
Joshua And The Land Of Promise (by Rev. F. B. Meyer, B.A.)
Jonah (by Beverly Carradine)
Joseph The Prime-Minister (by Rev. William M. Taylor, D.D., LL.D)
Jeremiah Priest And Prophet (by Rev. F. B. Meyer, B.A.)
John The Baptist (by Rev. F. B. Meyer, B.A.)
Moses The Law-Giver (by Rev. William M. Taylor, D.D., LL.D)
Moses, The Servant Of God (by Rev. F. B. Meyer, B.A.)
Moses And The Prophets (by Olive M. Winchester, Th.D.)
Paul A Servant Of Jesus Christ (by Rev. F. B. Meyer, B.A.)
The Prophet Of Hope (by Rev. F. B. Meyer, B.A.)
Paul The Missionary (by Rev. William M. Taylor, D.D., LL.D)
Ruth The Gleaner (by Rev. William M. Taylor, D.D., LL.D)
Studies In The Christian Character (by Francis Paget, D.D.)
Studies In Character Of Christ (by Charles Henry Robinson, M.A.)
Studies Of The Portrait Of Christ (by Rev. George Matheson, M.A, D.D., F.R.S.E.)
The Boy Jesus (by Rev. William M. Taylor, D.D., LL.D)
The Moral Glory Of The Lord Jesus Christ (by J. G. Bellett)
The Walk, Conversation And Character Of Jesus Christ Our Lord (by Alexander Whyte, D.D.)


William Law Collection:

William Law , born in 1686, became a Fellow of Emmanuel College, Cambridge in 1711, but in 1714, at the death of Queen Anne, he became a non-Juror: he was unable to take the required oath of allegiance to the Hanoverian dynasty (which had replaced the Stuart dynasty). Because of this, he was ineligible to serve as a university teacher or a parish minister. He then became a private tutor in the family of the historian, Edward Gibbon (who wrote of Law with respect and admiration, even though he was cynical of Christianity himself). Following this ten-year adventure, Law retired to his native King's Cliffe. Forbidden the use of the pulpit and the lecture-hall, he preached through his books, which included A Serious Call To a Devout and Holy Life, published in 1728.

John Wesley calls A Serious Call To a Devout and Holy Life one of three books that accounted for his first "explicit resolve to be all devoted to God. " Charles Wesley, George Whitefield, Henry Venn, William Wilberforce , and Thomas Scott each described reading the book as a major turning point in his life. All in all, there were few leaders of the English Evangelical movement on whom it did not have a profound influence.

William Law died in 1761 just a few days after his last book, An Affectionate Address to the Clergy, went to the printers.

An Appeal To All Who Doubt The Truths Of The Gospel
A Demonstration Of The Errors Of A Late Book
An Humble, Affectionate, And Earnest Address To The Clergy
A Serious Call To A Devout And Holy Life
A Collection Of Letters
The Dialogues Between Humanus, Academicus, Rusticus, And Theophilus.
The Grounds And Reasons Of Christian Regeneration
Of Justification By Faith And Works
The Spirit Of Love
The Spirit Of Prayer


F. B. Meyer Collection #1

Charles Spurgeon said of F.B. Meyer that he !0preaches as a man who has seen God face to face.!1 Born in a devout Baptist home, he was heavily influenced by a Quaker grandmother and by his good friend Dwight L. Moody. This collection includes such titles as "Gems From The Psalms", "Christ In Isaiah", "Steps To The Blessed Life", and "David - Shepherd, Psalmist, King.!1 This F.B. Meyer collection contains 40 titles in all!

A Good Start
The Art Of Life
Blessed Are Ye
The Bells Of Is
Back To Bethel
The Call And Challenge Of The Unseen
A Castaway
Christ In Isaiah
Christian Living
The Creed Of Creeds
Calvary To Pentecost
David Shepherd, Psalmist, King
Expository Preaching Plans And Methods
Elijah, And The Secret Of His Power
Exodus, Volume 1
Exodus, Volume 2
F. B. Meyer A Biography
Gems From The Psalms
In Defence Of The Faith
Joseph: Beloved, Hated, Exalted
John Bunyan And "The Holy War"
Jottings And Hints For Lay Preachers
Joshua And The Land Of Promise
Gospel Of John
Jeremiah Priest And Prophet
John The Baptist
Lovers Always
Memorials Of Cecil Robertson Of Sianfu
Meet For The Master's Use
Moses, The Servant Of God
"Our Sister Death"
Paul A Servant Of Jesus Christ
Peace, Perfect Peace
Reveries And Realities
Religion In Homespun
Steps To The Blessed Life
Shepherd Psalm
Samuel The Prophet


F. B. Meyer Collection #2

Charles Spurgeon said of F.B. Meyer that he !0preaches as a man who has seen God face to face.!1 Born in a devout Baptist home, he was heavily influenced by a Quaker grandmother and by his good friend Dwight L. Moody. This collection includes such titles as "Our Daily Homily", "The Way into the Holiest", "Tried by Fire", and "Peter - Fisherman, Disciple, Apostle.!1 This collection of F.B. Meyer writings contains 36 titles in all!

The Directory Of The Devout Life
Our Daily Homily - Volume 1
Our Daily Homily - Volume 2
Our Daily Homily - Volume 3
Our Daily Homily - Volume 4
Our Daily Homily - Volume 5
The Filling Of The Holy Spirit
Five "Musts" Of The Christian Life
For Me And Thee
The Future Tenses Of The Blessed Life
The Gospel Of The King
The Gift Of Suffering
How To Read Your Bible
In The Beginning God
Choice Notes On Joshua Through 2 Kings
Light On Life's Duties
The Modern Craze Of Spiritualism
My Daily Prayer
Our Daily Walk
The Obedience Of Faith, Abraham
Peter - Fisherman, Disciple, Apostle
The Epistle To The Philippians
The Prophet Of Hope
The Present Tenses Of The Blessed Life
Some Secrets Of Christian Living
The Secret Of Guidance
The Soul's Pure Intention
The Soul's Wrestle With Doubt
Tried By Fire
The Exalted Christ
Through Fire And Flood
The Glorious Lord
Work-A-Day Sermons
The Wideness Of God's Mercy
The Way Into The Holiest
Where Are Our Dead?


George Morrison Collection

Just as visitors to London in bygone days went to hear Spurgeon and Parker, visitors also flocked to Glasgow, Scotland to listen to Dr. George H. Morrison. He preached eloquently during his 26-year pastorate at the Wellington United Free Church. This is George Morrison's famous Glasgow Pulpit collection and includes his New Testament commentary series from Matthew to Revelation. This historic collection also includes two Old Testament expositions in !0Genesis" and !0Psalms.!1 This is a 10 volume set.

Morrison On Matthew
Morrison On Mark
Morrison On Luke
Morrison On John
Morrison On Acts
Morrison On Romans And 1 & 2 Corinthians
Morrison On Galatians Through Hebrews
Morrison On James Through Revelation
Morrison On Genesis
Morrison On Psalms


Andrew Murray Collection:

Andrew Murray was born on May 9th, 1828 in a Dutch Reformed parsonage in Graaff Reinet, South Africa in the home of Rev. Andrew Murray, Sr. His father ministered to Dutch settlers. In 1838, at the age of ten, he left home with his brother John to study in Scotland, while staying with their uncle, the Rev. John Murray. In the spring of 1840 their uncle introduced the boys to the revival ministry of Rev. William C. Burns. This renowned Scottish evangelist left a deep impression on the youthful Christian. Years later, he could still vividly recall the power of Burns' godly influence on his life. His sincerity, fervent praying, and penetrating sermons helped him define his own personal ministry and calling.

He graduated from Marischal College in 1844 and was ordained with his brother at The Hague on his twentieth birthday, leaving soon afterwards to begin their work in South Africa. In 1860, he accepted a call to pastor the church at Worcester. Revival broke out in his church while serving there. Initially, he opposed the revival because he felt uncomfortable with the emotional responses of his parishioners to the moving of the Holy Spirit. He eventually accepted these manifestations and became a man of prayer himself.

The lessons learned during this revival prepared Andrew Murray for his future role in the Keswick movement. He also attended his first Keswick Convention in 1882. By 1895, he was asked to speak at both the Keswick and Northfield Conventions. He was warmly received at these conferences and was later responsible for bringing the Keswick movement to South Africa. The Keswick Convention lead to a spiritual awakening ("Third Great Awakening") that touched four continents. A renewed faith, a vision for personal holiness, and the Spirit-filled life were the messages and heartbeats of Andrew Murray's personal ministry. He was a man of rare gifts and deep spiritual insight. He penned over forty-five books during his ministry.

Absolute Surrender
The Children For Christ
With Christ In The School Of Prayer
The Deeper Christian Life
Divine Healing
The Full Blessing Of Pentecost
Humility: The Beauty Of Holiness
Holy In Christ
The Holiest Of All
The Inner Chamber And The Inner Life
The Key To The Missionary Problem
Living To Please God
The Ministry Of Intercession
The Spirit Of Christ
The School Of Obedience
In Search Of Spiritual Excellence
The Two Covenants And The Second Blessing
The Lord's Table
The Master's Indwelling
The New Life
The Prayer Life
The State Of The Church
The True Vine
Why Do You Not Believe?


John Newton Collection

John Newton (1725-1807) was an English hymn writer and Church of England minister. An early life of wanton sin included ten years of trading African slaves. While reflecting on his salvation from this life he penned the famous hymn "Amazing Grace". This is the entire collection of the works of John Newton! This collection includes such titles as "Cardiphonia", "A Review of Ecclesiastical History", "Olney Hymns", as well as hundreds of sermons and letters. This collection contains 6 volumes in all!

The Works Of The Rev. John Newton, Volume I
The Works Of The Rev. John Newton, Volume II
The Works Of The Rev. John Newton, Volume III
The Works Of The Rev. John Newton, Volume IV
The Works Of The Rev. John Newton, Volume V
The Works Of The Rev. John Newton, Volume VI


J. C. Ryle Collection:

J.C Ryle was the first Bishop of Liverpool and was described as !0theological vertebrate.!1 He never suffered from what he called a !0boneless, nerveless, jellyfish condition of soul.!1 His convictions were not negotiable. His successor described him as !0that man of granite.!1 Charles Spurgeon said he was !0an evangelical champion . . . One of the bravest and best of men.!1 He simply observed, !0What is won dearly is priced highly and clung to firmly.!1

He was an Evangelical Anglican who stood against the cultural evils who described the eighteenth century England as a culture where !0dueling, adultery, fornication, gambling, swearing, Sabbath-breaking, and drunkenness were hardly regarded as vices at all.!1 The moral climate was impoverished and the Church proved impotent to stop the flood of this wickedness. He felt that most clergy were worldly and gave little care to their sacred duties.

In 1865 in the middle of an outbreak of !.foot and mouth' he wrote a little booklet entitled !.The Finger of God'. In it he listed seven national sins and concluded, !0I believe firmly that these things are crying to God against England. They are an offence against the King of Kings, for which He is punishing us this very day. And the rod He is using is the cattle plague. The !.finger of God' I believe is pointing at our seven great national sins.!1

From his conversion to his burial, Bishop J.C. Ryle was one-dimensional, one-book man. He was steeped in Scripture. He bled Bible. As only Ryle could say, !0It is still the first book which fits the child's mind when he begins to learn religion, and the last to which the old man clings as he leaves the world.!1

Bishops And Clergy Of Other Days
Charges And Addresses
Christ And His People
Christian Leaders The Eighteenth Century
The Cross
A Call To Prayer
Five English Reformers
Luke Volume One
Luke Volume Two
The Upper Room


Wesleyan Collection #1

This is a collection of somewhat rare, sometimes difficult to find, and generally out of print reference books of the Wesleyan/Arminian viewpoint. This collection includes such titles as "Perfect Love" by J. A. Wood, "Present Day Parables" by J. Wilbur Chapman, and "Effective Illustrations" by W. M. Tidwell. This collection contains 52 titles in all!

A B C's Of Christian Doctrine (by D. Shelby Corlett, D.D.)
Achieving Faith (by J. G. Morrison)
A Christian (by J. B. Chapman, D.D.)
A Divine Cordial (by Thomas Watson)
Holiness, The Birthright Of All God's Children (by J. T. Crane)
The Baptism With The Holy Ghost (by D. Shelby Corlett, D.D.)
With Chapman At Camp Meeting (by J. B. Chapman, D.D.)
Coals From The Altar (by Henry Turner Davis)
Christ Enthroned Within (by Rev. J. M. Hames)
Christ And The Bible (by J. B. Chapman, D.D.)
Deeper Things (by Rev. J. M. Hames)
Dressed-Up Sin (by W. M. Tidwell)
Effective Illustrations (by W. M. Tidwell)
Entire Sanctification (by Rev. C. B. Jernigan)
Endless Retribution (by H. Hooker)
The Faithfulness Of God (by W. M. Tidwell)
Gospel Messages For Today (by Elbert Dodd)
Holiness The Central Purpose Of Redemption (by D. Shelby Corlett, D.D.)
How To Keep Sweet (by J. M. Hames)
Hollness (by J. B. Chapman, D.D.)
Holiness Triumphant (by J. B. Chapman, D.D.)
Interesting Incidents (by J. G. Morrison)
An Inventory Of The Soul (by Harry F. Taplin)
The Meaning Of Christian Security (by D. Shelby Corlett, D.D.)
Old Time Gospel Messages (by Elbert Dodd)
Our Lost Estate (by J. G. Morrison, D.D.)
Purity And Maturity (by Rev. J. A. Wood)
Present Day Parables (by J. Wilbur Chapman)
Life Sketches Of Two Great Religious Leaders
The Passion For Souls (by Rev. J. H. Jowett, D.D.)
A Prince In Israel (by E. A. Girvin)
Pointed Illustrations (by W. M. Tidwell)
Perfect Love (by Rev. J. A. Wood)
The Preacher His Life And Work (by Rev. J. H. Jowett, D.D.)
Prayer Availeth Much (by T. M. Anderson)
Religion And Everyday Life (by J. B. Chapman, D.D.)
Strangers And Pilgrims (by W. M. Tidwell)
Some Estimates Of Life (by J. B. Chapman, D.D.)
Spirit-Filled (by D. Shelby Corlett, D.D.)
Symbols Of Pentecost (by D. Shelby Corlett, D.D.)
Sunrisen Blessing (by J. M. Hames)
Satan's Subtle Attack On Woman (by J. G. Morrison)
Sunset Echoes (by Rev. J. A. Wood)
The Christian Sabbath (by D. Shelby Corlett, D.D.)
The Glory Departed (by J. M. Hames)
The Meaning Of Holiness (by D. Shelby Corlett, D.D.)
Twenty Nine Sermons (by Rev. P. F. Bresee, D. D.)
The Terminology Of Holiness (by J. B. Chapman, D.D.)
The Potter's Vessel (by C. A. McConnell)
The Shining Way (by Henry Turner Davis)
The Transfigured Church (by Rev. J. H. Jowett, D.D.)
Your Life (by J. B. Chapman, D.D.)


Wesleyan Collection #2

This is a collection of somewhat rare, sometimes difficult to find, and generally out of print reference books of the Wesleyan/Arminian viewpoint. This collection includes such titles as "Entire Sanctification - A Second Blessing" by C. W. Ruth, "Holiness Teachings" by B. T. Roberts, and "Honey In The Rock" by Rruban A. Robinson. This collection contains 52 titles in all!

A Life Of Adam Clark
The Autobiography Of Rev. Ernest Coryell
A Holiness Manifesto (by C. W. Butler)
A Letter To A Preacher (by Adam Clarke, LL.D. F.A.S.)
Ms. Amanda Smith
Ancient Prophets (by Samuel Logan Brengle)
Bud Robinson Stories & Sketch (by C. T. Corbett)
Life 0f William Carvosso
Clavis Biblica (by Adam Clarke, LL.D. F.A.S.)
Chapters On Holiness Expository And Practical (by Rev. John Hartley)
Coke On The Ministry (by Thomas Coke, LL.D.)
Entire Sanctification -- A Second Blessing (by Rev. C. W. Ruth)
Entire Sanctification (by Adam Clarke, LL.D. F.A.S.)
Entire Sanctification Explained (by C. W. Ruth)
Fullness Of Grace (by Rev. I. E. Page)
Faith Papers (by Rev. S. A. Keen, D.D.)
God In History (by Elmer Ellsworth Helms)
Hazarded Lives (by Edith P. Goodnow)
Holiness And The Christian Life (by L. A. Reed, B.D. D.D.)
Holiness And The Human Element (by H. A. Baldwin)
Holiness Teachings (by Benson Howard Roberts, A.M.)
The Holy War (by Seth Cook Rees)
Holiness In Practical Living (by Lewis T. Corlett)
Joy For Dark Days (by Richard S. Taylor)
Joy For Mourning (by E. Cornell)
The Life Of The Rev. Adam Clarke (by J. W. Etheridge, M.A.)
Lectures To Professing Christians (by Charles G. Finney)
Malice (by Rev. J. B. Culpepper)
Major Spiritual Awakenings (by O. B. Crockett)
My Hospital Experience (by Bud Robinson)
My Old Kentucky Home (by Rev. P. P. Belew)
My Sanctification (by Bud Robinson)
Must We Sin? (by Howard W. Sweeten)
Our Heritage And Our Hope (by C. William Fisher)
Objections To Entire-Sanctification Considered (by H. A. Baldwin)
Pentecostal Papers (by Rev. S. A. Keen, D.D.)
Power From On High (by Rev. John Greenfield)
The Riches Of Grace
Religion, Philosophy, And Fun (by Bud Robinson)
The Doctrine Of Salvation By Faith Proved (by Adam Clarke, LL.D. F.A.S.)
The Second Blessing In Symbol (by Beverly Carradine)
The Brick And The Book (by Eric Coward)
Short Sketches From The Life Of Rev. And Mrs. C. W. Ruth
The Carnal Mind (by H. A. Erdmann)
The Greatest Thing In The World (by Henry Drummond)
Honey In The Rock (by Bud Robinson)
The Moth-Eaten Garment (by Bud Robinson)
The Old Man (by Beverly Carradine)
My Travels In The Holy Land (by Bud Robinson)
The Second Crisis (by Rev. C. W. Ruth)
Autobiography Of William Baxter (W. B.) Godbey, A. M.
Office Work Of The Holy Spirit (by H. A. Erdmann)


Wesleyan Collection #3

This is a collection of somewhat rare, sometimes difficult to find, and generally out of print reference books of the Wesleyan/Arminian viewpoint. This collection includes such titles as "The Inheritance Restored" by M. L. Haney, "The Baptism Of The Holy Ghost" by Asa Mahan, and "New Testament Holiness" by Thomas Cook. This collection contains 52 titles in all!

Attitudes And Relationships (by R. T. Williams, D.D.)
A Clean Heart (by Rev. G. A. McLaughlin)
A Living Sacrifice (by Rev. G. A. McLaughlin)
A Neglected Theme (by Roy T. Williams, D.D.)
The Baptism Of The Holy Ghost (by Asa Mahan)
Chapters On Preaching (by Rev. George Fletcher)
Dying To Live (by A. M. Hills, D.D. LL.D.)
The Establishing Grace (by A. M. Hills, D.D. LL.D.)
From Sinking Sand (by Harry J. Elliott)
God's Melting Pot (by Raymond Browning)
Holiness And Power (by A. M. Hills, D.D. LL.D.)
A Hero Of Faith And Prayer (by A. M. Hills, D.D. LL.D.)
Homiletics And Pastoral Theology (by A. M. Hills, D.D. LL.D.)
Inbred Sin (by Rev. G. A. McLaughlin)
Knowing God (by Joseph Benjamin McBride)
Life's Supreme Choices (by Roy T. Williams, D.D.)
W. M. Tidwell
There Must Be A Heaven Somewhere (by Lawrence B. Hicks)
The Mission Of The Spirit (by Rev. Lewis R. Dunn)
New Testament Holiness (by Thomas Cook)
Phineas F. Bresee, D.D. (by A. M. Hills, D.D. LL.D.)
Pentecostal Light (by A. M. Hills, D.D. LL.D.)
The Riches Of Holiness (by Henry E. Brockett)
The Romance Of Preaching
Sermons And Addresses (by John A. Broadus, D.D. LL.D.)
Sketches And Incidents (by Rev. C. M. Damon)
Saved And Kept (by Rev. G. A. McLaughlin)
Sanctify Them (by Edward F. Walker, D.D.)
Scriptural Sanctification (by Rev. John R. Brooks, D.D.)
Systematic Fasting (by James Miller)
Things Behind And Things Before In The Holiness Movement (by Joseph Henry Smith)
The Beauty Of Holiness (by Rev. George W. Ridout, D.D.)
The Christian's Secret Of A Happy Life (by Hannah Whitall Smith)
The Double Cure (by Joseph Gray)
The Emmaus Road (by Leewin B. Williams)
Truth On Fire (by John & Bona Fleming)
The Father's Will (by John F. White)
The Healing Shadow (by Raymond Browning)
Treasures In Heaven (by M. Lunn)
The Inheritance Restored (by Milton Lorenzo Haney)
Trade-Marks Of The Holiness Pioneers (by Rev. Morris Chalfant)
The Open Fountain (by Joseph Gray)
The Old Man (by E. G. Marsh)
The Present Challenge (by Russell V. Delong, D.D. Ph.D.)
The Perfect Man (by Rev. R. T Williams, A.B. B.D.)
The Pastor-Preacher (by William A. Quayle)
Tips To Christians (by Fairy Chism)
Thirty-Three Years A Live Wire (by John T. Hatfield)
Where Are The Dead? (by E. W. Black)
Witnesses (by L. M. Campbell)
Wrested Scriptures Made Plain (by W. E. Shepard)
Your Purse And You (by A. J. Lown)


Wesleyan Collection #4

This is a collection of somewhat rare, sometimes difficult to find, and generally out of print reference books of the Wesleyan/Arminian viewpoint. This collection includes such titles as "Helps To Holiness" by Samuel L. Brengel, "A Defense Of Christian Perfection" by Daniel Steele, and "Heaven - A Place A City A Home" by E. M. Bounds. This collection contains 52 titles in all!

A Dialogue Between An Antinomian And His Friend (by John Wesley)
An Irish Saint (by Helen E. Bingham)
The Autobiography Of Madame Guyon
Ancient Prophets (by Samuel Logan Brengle)
Beauty For Ashes (by George Douglas Watson)
A Defense Of Christian Perfection (by Daniel Steele, D.D.)
Delia, The Bluebird Of Mulberry Bend (by Mrs. E. M. Whittemore)
The Essentials Of Prayer (by Edward McKendree Bounds)
Entire Sanctification (by Rev. D. A. Whedon)
The Gospel Of The Comforter (by Daniel Steele, D.D.)
The Guest Of The Soul (by Samuel Logan Brengle)
Heaven A Place, A City, A Home (by Edward McKendree Bounds)
Holiness As Understood By The Writers Of The Bible (by Joseph Agar Beet)
Half-Hours With St. Paul (by Daniel Steele, D.D.)
Heart Talks On Holiness (by Samuel Logan Brengle)
Helps To Holiness (by Samuel Logan Brengle)
Impressions (by Martin Wells Knapp)
Kentucky Mountain Outlaw (by Charlie L. Wireman)
Short Sketch Of My Life (by Rev. Elliot Hodge)
The Life Of Rev. John Fletcher
Love-Slaves (by Samuel Logan Brengle)
Many Infallable Proofs
Mile Stone Papers (by Daniel Steele, D.D.)
Out Of Egypt Into Canaan (by Martin Wells Knapp)
Praying Clear Through (by Rev. William J. Harney)
Purity Of Heart (by William Booth)
The Possibilities Of Prayer (by Edward McKendree Bounds)
The Practice Of The Presence Of God (by Brother Lawrence)
Prayer And Praying Men (by Edward McKendree Bounds)
John Wesley On Pulpit Oratory
Purpose In Prayer (by Edward McKendree Bounds)
Remarkable Incidents And Modern Miracles Though Prayer And Faith (by G. C. Bevington)
The Reality Of Prayer (by Edward McKendree Bounds)
From Romanism To Pentecost (by Rev. Joseph S. Dempster)
Soul Food (by George D. Watson)
Saved To The Uttermost (by William McDonald)
The Soul-Winner's Secret
Sixty Years Of Thorns And Roses (by E. E. Shelhamer)
The Double Cure (by Martin Wells Knapp)
The Guest Of The Soul (by Samuel Logan Brengle)
This Is Entire Sanctification (by Ismael E. Amaya)
Triumphant In Temptation (by O. J. Finch, D.D.)
The Tongue Of Fire (by William Arthur, A.M.)
The Power Of God In A Redeemed Life (by Pearl P. Poe)
The Progressive Life (by E. E. Shelhamer)
The Pentecostal Pulpit
The Renewed Earth (by L. L. Pickett)
The Unchanging Christ (by I. C. Mathis)
The Unique Galilean (by Russell V. DeLong, Ph.D.)
The Way Of Holiness (by Samuel Logan Brengle)
The Weapon Of Prayer (by Edward McKendree Bounds)
Be Sure Your Sin Will Find You Out (by James M. Taylor)


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